Primary (Grade R – 7)

Primary (Grade R – 7)

Accelerated Christian Education (ACE)

The globally successful Accelerated Christian Education (A.C.E.) programme is a unique education system that offers students the opportunity to learn at their own pace while being guided by excellent, Biblically-based learning materials. The A.C.E. programme was developed to offer parents and students a high-quality, Christian alternative to the conventional schooling system. This learning system is aligned with the South African school curriculum and has been used by schools and homeschools around the world for more than four decades. This is an excellent tool to equip the next generation to adapt to the changing face of modern education.

Reaching the world for Christ, one child at a time.


Grade R : Preschool with Ace and Christi

The Preschool with Ace and Christi programme is the first building block towards learning to read. The preschool programme features a complete syllabus of concepts and skills needed to prepare Grade R children to be ready to read. Sixty workbooks (PACEs) filled with animal pictures, activities and full-colour picture stories encourage children to want to read. The learner learns social skills, the wonders of God’s world and the reality of God’s love.

Grade 1: ABC's with Ace and Christi

The ABC’s with Ace & Christi is the second building block on the journey of learning to read. This is the most exciting year of any child’s schooling career. It is the miracle year of the A.C.E. educational programme as learners experience the joy of learning to read. Within 15 weeks learners will be able to read words phonetically.

Grade 1 – 7

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