The Difference

“On the surface most schools look alike but CCS offers something totally different.”

At CCS we pride ourselves on shaping our students into agents of change. To do this we have to be different.

At CCS we:
  • offer a one-stop educational platform - grade RR to grade 12
  • create a friendly and approachable environment - we are a family where the individual is important
  • have well respected and loved teachers and support staff
  • aim to equip students with life skills which will enable them to make a positive contribution to society
  • have a strong Christian foundation where good manners matter
  • shape learners through a Character Guidance Route to develop them into responsible young adults with excellent leadership qualities who lead by example/serving
  • believe in going back to the basics - the Word of God; the individual; solid reading and good spelling skills
  • strive to achieve high academic standards - each unit of work (Mathematics, English, Physical Science etc.) has to be completed (passed) by the student with at least knowing and understanding 85% of the content.
  • offer a balanced academic programme which is tailor made for the individual
  • let individuals excel at their own rate without having to wait for the class, the teacher or interfering factors. The content is self explanatory and the teacher facilitates the learning process. Academic standards cannot drop, they are fixed
  • believe that our graduates' achievements at tertiary institutions act as a barometer of how high the academic standards are. They excel in life because they have the confidence to tackle new challenges in a unique way
  • are sensitive to each one's needs and encourage students to assume responsibility by being the best they can be; competing against themselves