Quotes from our students and parents

Tarusarira family comments:

"We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for making us a part of the CCS‎ family and for the wonderful work that you did with our 3 boys. The 4 years that our boys have been at CCS have been truely amazing. A special thank you for the ACE system and for catering for our twins, who are as fraternal in their work and characters as they are in their looks.


Your school system managed to cater for them as individuals and still ensure that they both excelled. We will highly recommend you to our family and friends in need of high quality, Christian centred education .

This is what a parent had to say:

"Since my first day of involvement with CCS I never stop finding myself to be pleasantly surprised by the true and sincere divine spiritual nature of all involved with this school. The way in which the upbringing and education of my children is approached by the staff of this school is purely inspirational. They make me want to be a better parent. I think this is part of my motivation for serving on the Council because they are inspiring not just my kids, but me as a parent as well. I suppose that is what it means to “shine your light”; not just to show someone the way, but to enlighten others’ lives so that they may discover their own path and destiny.


Realising that this is just one of the ways in which God’s promise is coming to fruition, is indeed humbling.

To find such a place of education in our present day and age, is truly remarkable and dare I say, close to a miracle.“ - Deon du Toit, Chairperson: CCS

Benefits of Character Education at School

School education is more than learning about mathematics and other subjects. The schools our children attend guide them into adulthood. An important aspect of being a successful adult is having a strong character. Benefits of a strong character include being professional, making better choices, building resilience and trust, dealing with a crisis, and reducing behavioural problems. Developing specific character traits also support better health, better relationships, and better stress management. We would all like our children to enjoy these benefits.

Centurion Christian School recognises the importance of character development. The ACE curriculum used at the school has sixty biblical character traits built into it. The students get continuous exposure to these character traits. They get to understand these traits because they are explained and used in the study material. Students can also apply them in their lives, and get encouraged through regular awards.


François Davel, author of Character Applied – from concept to practice, highlighted the benefits of developing a strong character. He confirmed, based on his research for the book, that the ACE development approach aligns with international best practice in character development.

Character Applied also links fifteen character traits with 1 Corinthians 13:4-7. These links suggest that if our children develop these character traits they will, in addition to the benefits above, also be able to apply Christian love in practical terms. Fifty-three of the sixty ACE character traits are represented in the fifteen love character traits he uses in Character Applied. The curriculum Centurion Christian School uses thus helps students to apply Christian love practically and develop the character that will position them for successful adulthood.

To find out more about Character Applied, contact Mr François Davel on 083 634-9124, or at fd@act2win.co.za.