Our Curriculum

Grade 12 students exit with the CEC (College Entrance Certificate) with the following subjects to choose from - Mathematics/Math Literacy; English Home Language; Afrikaans Additional Language; Life Orientation; and three of the following:

  • Physical Science;
  • Biblical Studies;
  • Computer Education; and
  • Business Studies

The majority of South African institutions accept our graduates.

Students have ample time during the week to interact in group activities outside the student office (own work space) in subjects such as:

  • Physical Training,
  • Craft Classes,
  • Class Music,
  • Assembly, and
  • Afrikaans.

ACE learning and teaching materials are CAPS compliant.

An individualised approach in the Learning Centres where students learn, as opposed to being taught, is one of the key differences that distinguishes our school from most other schools.

Each subject is divided into 12 colourful, self-instructional units. Our learners have to completely understand a unit before moving on to the next.

The Learning Centre, made up of 18 students, is supervised by two staff members: a qualified, SACE registered Supervisor facilitating learning and a trained ACE Monitor assisting the teacher with administration.

Students work in individual offices and receive the undivided attention from a staff member when called to the office. The focus is on learning (not teaching), independence and completing daily goals. This technique creates strong and lasting study habits.

Another benefit provided at CCS is the opportunity for students to work at their own pace. Each student's progress is monitored continuously to ensure good or above average progress is made.

Students from as young as 11 years serve in Life Orientation teams where they learn to build into the lives of individuals around them. Such teams include:

  • Sound Team,
  • First Aid,
  • Library,
  • Scholar Patrol,
  • Servant Leaders,
  • Servantix Junior Leaders,
  • Grade 2 Reading Team,
  • Grade RR Care,
  • Aftercare Support,
  • Second Hand Shop,
  • School Photographer,
  • Meritshop Stocktake.