Fee Structure

Fee Structure 2020

Fee Structure 2020

APPLICATION FEE (from 01-10-2016) R450
REGISTRATION FEE (new enrollments) R2 000
Discount of 25% for 3rd, 4th and 5th child
  Payable over 11 months
LEVEL Monthly Tuition Monthly PACE * Monthly Total - Without Aftercare Annual Fee - Without Aftercare Monthly Aftercare Fees Monthly Total - With Aftercare Annual Fee - With Aftercare
Level 000 - 00 R2 500 - R2 500 R27 500 R850 R3 350 R36 850
Level 0 R4 010 R220 R4 230 R46 530 R850 R5 080 R55 880
Level 1-5 R4 010 R300 R4 310 R47 410 R850 R5 160 R56 760
Level 6-9 R4 182 R300 R4 482 R49 302 R850 R5 332 R58 652
Level 10-12 NSC (IEB Online) R4 900 - R4 900 R53 900 R850 R5 750 R63 250
* PACE reconciliation three times a year in March, September and December
Full year's fees paid in January 3.5%  
6 months' fees paid in advance 1.5%  
3rd, 4th or 5th child in CCS 10.0%  
Compulsory Educational Field Trip Levy (payable in March) R270  
Compulsory Servants Levy - civvie days (payable in March) R35  
Testing fees
School Readiness Test (Level 0) R450  
Diagnostic Test (New Learners) R450  
Diagnostic Test - NSC (IEB Online) R890  
Matric Exam Fee - NSC (IEB Online) R6 000  
Registration Fee
The non-refundable registration fee is payable within 7 days after the student has been accepted into the School.

Monthly Tuition Fees

The fees are payable in advance before the 3rd day of each month.

In the instance of a default of payment:

~ The process as set out in the school policy document will be followed.

~ This process could lead up to suspension of tuition if fees are not paid.

The preferred payment method is debit orders!

Notice Period of School Membership

One calendar month's notice must be given.